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With Yahoo pop settings, it is now convenient to handle your emails from other clients such as Outlook and Thunderbird. One of the major benefits of POP is that you stand to transfer the mails, rather instantly and that too, without having to waste any precious time. Besides, it is much easier to work with.
When you have a POP account, it enables you to generate various copies of emails on your computer and delete the original messages from the server. Basically, configuring the mail with Yahoo POP3 settings, gives you the leverage to handle the flow of emails with relative ease.
The fundamental idea is to organize the mails in a manner, which to a large extent have a large degree of proceedings. Now, it is possible for you to maintain all the emails streaming through, without having to face any major obstacle.
It all comes down to what the POP and POP3 server settings for Yahoo mail are. For your convenience, it is being provided below.
Want to know about the POP and POP3 server settings in Yahoo Mail
Even before looking for a way to set up the POP settings, it becomes necessary to know what the actual configuration process is. To access the mails through Yahoo incoming mail server, you have to do the following: -
• Yahoo Mail POP Address- plus.pop.mail.yahoo.com
• Yahoo Mail POP Server Address- Enter your actual Yahoo Mail user name
• Yahoo Mail POP Password - Please provide your Yahoo Mail password
• Yahoo Mail POP Port – 995
• Yahoo Mail POP TSL/SSL required – Yes
It must be noted that the Yahoo mail server settings are designed to only work for those users, who have Yahoo Mail Plus accounts. For those with free Yahoo mail account, they might have to opt for other arrangements.
What odds do you have in case there is an emergency?
The POP and POP3 server settings are meant to help you keep a track of the mails in an efficient manner. But there is no certainty that you will be in a position to retrieve the mails, in the event of a server breakdown. It can surely have disastrous consequences. Therefore, it becomes necessary to have a backup plan in place. If you are not quite in a position to retrieve the data or have any issue connecting to the Yahoo POP 3 mail server, make sure to get in touch with Yahoo customer service number.